Amecus Khandas
His face wasn't seen for some time.
Vital statistics
Title Former DRW ruler.
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Status Unknown
Location Unknown

Mr. Amecu is a former ruler of Warmslates. He doesn't show himself to the public. The only person, who knows his face is Perth, Ambassador Caniceptus and Rockhopper. Everything, Amecu used to say was always told to the public through Caniceptus. He has nothing to Mister Bean and Mister Lobaloba, and he is not with the Str00del Force. He is hidden now, for some reason. He resigned from the place "to keep his secret safe".


We think, he actually could be Lanaka87 the islands' ex ruler. He was a Rockhopper's cabin boy. When the storm in February '07 had begun, he had escaped in a life boat. He had found the Penguiki Island, and set up a camp there. Fortunately some penguins had drifted there, and made a community. Lanaka87 in the end of June '07 told, he will leave the island. He did so, and we still don't know why. He told, Amecu, his friend will now rule the island. When Lanaka87 still ruled the islands, he wore a mask. Amecu never shows his face, so it matches. But without any proves, we cannot tell anything.

See also

Mr. Amecu (Lanaka87)
The official Ruler of the DWR.
ReignJuly 2007
CoronationAugust 2007
Full nameAmecus Khandas
TitlesMr. Unkown
BirthplaceClub Penguin City
SuccessorShannon Perth
Royal HouseThe House of the ruler.

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