Mission 6
Mission 6 image
Vital statistics
Prerequisites None.
Level 3 and above
Location Pengu Town, Trans-Antarctica
Rewards See Below
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Mission 5 Mission 7

Mission 6 is a mission in the Mission series. This one takes place at Pengu Town of Trans-Antarctica


A penguin needs help finding his toys. Help him or he will cry!


  • This is the way there
  1. Go onboard an old unofficial bus in South Pole City and travel to Snowville.
  2. Take the other old unofficial bus in Snowville to Pengu Town
  3. During the ride, take the special game controller you have in your player card and play it!.
  4. Upon disembarking, go to Keyser Cinema to find the boy.
  • This is the way to help find his toy.
  1. The boy will ask you to go into the cinema.
  2. You must go under the popcorn machine.
  3. WALA! You are done.
  • Now, you have to deal with the random random monster.
  1. Buy popcorn
  2. Give him popcron


You get a trophy from 24Keyser saying "Great Citizen", and two notes. One from the child which says:

Thanks for helping me!

Another from the monster says:

Thanks for giving me COOKIE!

And G is happy of you. The End.

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