Mission 3
Vital statistics
End End of the Quest
Prerequisites None
Level Level 2 and above
Location Ternville
Rewards A medal and a
Previous Next
Real Mission 2 Mission 4

Mission 3 is the third installment of the 75 item Mission Series. This was released on November 17.


Ernie blackmailed a tern and is now very sad. Save the tern and re-jail Ernie!!!


  1. Go to Ternville using a special belt asked from G.
  2. Go up and head to 78 Furry Road.
  3. Along the way, three bad ninjas appear from a nearby building. Throw the belt you are wearing and use it to kill the ninjas.
  4. You head on and see a different tern crying. You give him your belt and made him happy.
  5. You then find the allocated house. Break inside using you arms.
  6. Fight Ernie (Punch him 5 times to do so)
  7. Ernie gets jailed once more and you saved the tern. Yeah!!!


The mayor of Ternville, Mayor McFlapp will give you a meddalion prescripting


You will also recieve a note saying:

Thank you for giving me the belt. I play with it and it is fun. Thank you mister. -Danny the Tern!


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