Metalmanager VS. Darktan
Vital statistics
Participants Flystar, Dancing Penguin, Bucket, Dentor, Norman, Dark and John.
Date 12th Febuary, 2009.
Location Ice City CourtHouse.

Metalmanager VS. Darktan is a lawsuit that occured on the 12th of Febuary, 2009. Metalmanager is sueing Darktan for "nearly destroying him during his adventures".


~Metlmanager walks into the courtroom~

Judge: All rise

Judge: We are here on the case of Metalmanager (plantiff) VS. Darktan (defendant).

Narrator: Metalmanager is sueing Darktan for almost destroying him during his adventures.

Narrator: If Metalmanager wins the case, he will get 1,500c and Darktan will go to prison for 5 months.

Narrator: But if Darktan wins, Darktan will get 200c and no one will go to prison.

Judge: Please be seated.

Judge: Metalmanager, explain the case.

Metalmanager: Well, while I was on my adventures, Darktan pretended to be a Chick and traveled with me, then, showed he was Darktan and almost destroyed me!

Judge: But you survived

Metalmanager: Yes, but, at a PRICE!

~Metalmanager reveals a scar on his right flipper~

Judge: Ah!

Darktan: Judge that is a fake!

Judge: Overruled!

Metalmanager: I assure you that this 100% REAL!

Judge: Let Darktan speak now.

Darktan: I do not make scars like that! Mine are at least in a shape! That's simply from when he crashed into the wall while we...battled.

Judge: So, you too did battle. And Darktan, you did cause that scar.

Metalmanager: Yep


Judge: Settle down! We shall discuss this calmly.

Metalmanager: Darktan, you can't be serious, I have all the proof, you did it! You're going to jail!

Darktan: NEVER!

~Darktan hovers in the air and holds out the dark amulet~


Metalmanager: Really? Resorting to power? HA!

~Metalmanager does summons Gornan~

Darktan: Can't fight? Need a buddy? Looks like you just summoned one!

~Gornan hands Metalmanager the Ninja Power Emerald~

Darktan: Ninja VS. Dark? It's obvious who's going to win!

~Metalmanager holds up the emerald and sets off it's power~

Metalmanager: Get ready for this!

~The camera turns to the judge, who is eating popcorn.~

~Crunch~ ~Crunch~

Judge:.....What? I was hungry!

Narrator: We'll be right back after these messages.


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