'Mershins-Kazooy Inc. is a company involved in building infrastructure. They currently own two properties: Merdock Dock and Kazooy Office Tower. Douza owns 45% of the shares, Kazooy owning another 45% and Docklins Oze owning a mere 10%. They are currently involved in building a skyscraper that is planned to be completed in 2013.


In 1989, Mershins Douza wanted to enter the infrastructure industry. He invested heavily and was able to purchase a plot of land from the MAI government. Kazooy, his buissness partner, also helped out in money issues. Together, they were able to build several shops. They earned steady profits, and they became the second richest duo in MAI by 2000.

That year, Mershins Douza wanted his next biggest project: a harbour for ships and whatnot to be docked at. Docklins Oze, a fruit seller in his little trading center, agreed to put in a share of money. The name of the harbour was thus Mershins-Docklins Dock, shortened to Merdock Dock thereafter.

The harbour started construction in 2000. Meanwhile, they planned to build a 30-story office tower in Margate City. Kazooy punched in the most money into the project, thus, the office tower was named after him. The office tower started construction the following year, and still had a steady sum left.

Mershins Douza invested millions of dollars and turned them into billions once more, later giving them to charity. In 2003, Merdock Dock completed construction and earned a steady profit along with the little trading center. The Kazooy Office Tower opened in 2008 and earned the highest amount of profit among the three.

In 2009, Mershins Douza planned his next big thing: a skyscraper that houses a hotel and a shopping center. It is currently underway and is expected to be completed in 2013.


(if it is an island centre, it is also the city centre) (same rule applies for country)

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