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Her theme song.

Mei Raven
Mei Raven image
Mistress Mei
Vital statistics
Title The seeker
Gender Female
Race None know. One of them, perhaps?
Faction Mysterious. very mysterious.
Health Amazingly good, prone to psychotic outbursts and tons of sleep every 2nd sunday of the month however.
Level Infinity.
Status Alive or dead? Perhaps in between.
Location Ether outpost

Mei Raven is a young girl, only about 9 or 10 years old, who lives at ether outpost in an enormous mansion with her butler and caretaker Rancho.


Unknown, but she seems to be lamenting about something from her past.


She is willing to sacrifice herself to defeat Darktan II. She is possibly one of them.


  • Her weird seizures might reveal something of her past:

"Urgh... the.. evil... no... why... DON'T GO!!!!!"

  • Fireflies seem to heal her and calm her.
  • Naturally, her mansion has a panic room.
  • She is possibly related to Lord Carrion, and may be one of them. However both she and Carrion deny it and throw pies at each other whenever they meet. Bizarre.
  • Despite being mysterious she is quite sociable and has a great sense of humor.


  • "Huh... you have a point."
  • "IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZER! haha, just kidding."
  • "Riiiiiiight....... gotcha."

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