Mcdonalds City
An aerial view of Mcdonalds City
Country USA
Area Eastshield (not known)
Monuments Mr Cow2 Statue (Destroyed and currently being rebuilt prior to the events of Code 806) Mart456t Pie Hall Christ Idol Statue
Neighbourhoods more than 50
Mayor Mcdonalds394
Population About 1,000,000
- rank by 2009: Is not formed.
Inhabited species A lot.
General information
Native name 맥도날드 씨티 or Mcdonalds Cathrach
Foreign name
Demonym Mcdonalds Citizen
Founded 2011
- founder Mcdonalds394
Time zone Eastshield Time Zone
- summer Same Time Zone
Area codes Up too 9999


They have a daily newspaper called The Mcdonalds City Prayer.

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