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Kmow about things you know.
— Mcdonalds394

The Awesome Guy.

McDonalds394 is a famous penguin that debuted many shows. The country he was most famous was in United States of Antarctica and the country that were least famous was Egypta. He got arrested  and sent to Owcatraz for lying about his "friends", but he's finished his sentence. He got more famous after he was realeased from Owcatraz 


Early Years

Elementry School

Middle School

Mcdonalds' Report Card

This is how Mcdonalds got famous.

Later Years

High School





Time in Owcatraz

Unlike anybody, he did not wear the Owcatraz outfit. He liked it a bit. He was released as shown in The Great Darktonian Pie War 2.

Post-Owcatraz Era




"This is the best!"

(Mcdonalds, Mr Cow2, Max Spakrade, Mart456t and the BFDI Crew when the boat runs out of fuel in Code 806 Episode, The Search.)

So, is this going to regenerate of what?

(A repeated line in Code 806.)

"Fine, Have it your way."

Rest tbw


  • He can speak Ban.
  • He can speak (oddly) Irish.
  • Though he was arrested, he was no criminal. And he escaped with the help of Mr Cow2.

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