Mark Mick McCoon Penguin
Vital statistics
Title Leader
Gender Male
Race McCoon Penguin
Faction Leader
Health Excellent
Level 90
Status Leading
Location Mccoon Island

Mccoon Penguin is both a very powerful penguin which lives in Mccoon Island. His hideout is unknown.


McCoon Penguin was born on Mccoon Island. For most of his life, it was a life of ease, because his parents owned the island. Because of this, his chickhood was easy and somewhat dull, except the fact that one day, he discovered a magic wardrobe that lead to the land of Marmia. Although that was his only great feat, this happened during his young adult-hood. When he inherited the island, the civilians of the island revolted and started what became the Mccoon Revolution. It lasted four years, and McCoon kept an easy and straight head, which ended in him being the leader for 2007-present.


He leads his island, and has also mastered the art of karate, which he trained under the former karate master, Pat Lejeruke.


  • He is thought to mainly hide in the Mccoon Hideout.
  • He has no known wife.
  • He likes his mattress.

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