Matthews Beri Polke
As the former picture was that ugly, it was disposed in a large storage center)
Vital statistics
Title Matthews
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Unknown
Health Recovered
Level 8 years old
Status Studying in the Penguin Academy.
Location Happyface State

Matthews Beri Polke (5 Jan 2002-), or simply Matthews, is an artist that has great similarities to Illustrator Keith. Both are timid, although Matthews has only one phobia: Dark Penguins. Matthews is not very famous, however, he is well-known in Club Penguin and occasionally sets up a booth where he sells his artworks at. He is currently studying at the Penguin Academy to improve his artwork, and during his time there, he has achieved five awards.

Biographical Background

Matthews was born to a middle-class family in South Pole City. Matthews moved to Club Penguin at the age of three along with his parents, Doe Polke and Avery McJustin. Matthews was bullied by Dark Penguins at the age of four, and has since developed a phobia for Dark Penguins. The penguin became timid about all things and was brought to a therapist THREE times.

Over the years, he grew less timid over the dark creatures and curbed his phobia tremendously. With his art skills that he first discovered when he was three, he constantly drew new designs, some of which were used as decorations for buildings. His parents decided that he could start a living by selling his art pieces, thus, they set up a stall at The Plaza. They move the stall every once in a while, between The Plaza, the Ski Hill and their igloo.

At the age of seven, he went to the Penguin Academy to study art. His parents sell the remaining art he left behind at The Plaza, whilst he earns a reputation at the academy.

Well-known art pieces

  • GAH (2005)--His first masterpiece
  • WAH (2006)
  • MAMA (2007)
  • Forest (2008)
  • Feeling (2008)
  • Colonial Club Penguin (2008)
  • Waves (2008)
  • Rockhopper's Ship (2008)
  • Sled Racing (2008)
  • Cookie Lover's Dream Idol (2008)
  • Smart Aleck (2008)
  • Pizza (2008)
  • Tradition (2009)
  • Igloo (2009)
  • Snowtendo GameSphere Illustration (2009)
  • Tavern (2009)
  • Beacon (2009)
  • Light (2009)
  • Fjord (2009)
  • Hammer (2009)
  • Tails6000 (2009)
  • Airplane (2009)
  • Airport (2009)
  • Twitch (2009)
  • Decade (2009/2010)
  • Space (2010)
  • Organ (2010)
  • Keith (2010)
  • Mother (2010)
  • Family (2010)
  • Map (2010)
  • David (2010)


  • Best Artist of Penguin Academy (2009)
  • Best Painting of Penguin Academy--Fjord (2009)
  • 2nd Runner-up for Best Painting of Penguin Academy--Hammer (2009)
  • Biggest Impression of a Place--Fjord (2009)
  • 4th Best Artist of Club Penguin (2009)

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