Vital statistics
Title PSA Agent
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Faction PSA
Health 100000000
Level 10
Status Alive
Location Club Penguin

M or Mary is the elder twin sister of G. She works for Elite Penguin Force, and is called in to do dangerous tasks that normally endanger other penguins lives. She also has an extremely proud medal history and credentials, and is respected among many agents. She is the oldest of her generation and the third oldest among all, before Z and B.


At the hospital, Mary and G were diagnosed as Siamese Twins, but it turns out the doctor's made a miscalculation. She was born a few days before G, and ever since that day she was a budding agent. Her favorite toy to play with was a Spy Phone, and she received her very own version on her first birthday. G felt a little jealous of this, but he has never said anything about it. When she turned 5, they began training her to become an agent, and passed with flying colors. By her 12th birthday, she received the PSA Gold Cross medal, which is the highest recognition an agent can get. Mary and Gary consider themselves as friendly rivals, and both strive to become their best possible quality. She is also a budding scientist.


Mary is one of the most known role models in the USA. Everyone adores her and she has saved people's lives millions of times. She also gives money to any homeless penguins, and donates hefty amounts of coins into the "Coins for change" program. Her job in PSA is: Special Agent task force. The purpose of this job is specifically, to think of the easiest method possible to capture extremely dangerous crimminals such as Herbert, and Link. A plethora of gadgets are available to the task force, and they have succeeded in catching Herbert many times, but he sadly always finds a way to escape. The task force have also concentrated their minds on catching Link, but due to so little known about him, he has not been caught yet and every passing day makes it even more difficult to catch him.


  • Mary has a signiature white jacket. It also has the letters "P","S", and "A" from when she worked at the PSA in 2010
  • In the story Candlewick, she is an astronaut and is also known to turn into someone completely different when put into battle, she suddenly becomes Spartan-like.
  • She is somehow related to Link
  • She was almost injured when G tried to make her test his new Test Chamber.

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