Marky S. McPengy
Marky S. McPengy image
Marky (aged 49)
Vital statistics
Title Marky S. McPengy
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction On the Supply Shop
Health Poor
Level (What level?)
Status Single
Location Ross Island

Marky S. McPengy (February 3, 1964 - ) is a species of Adelie Penguin who lives on Ross Island. He is the owner of the Supply Shop. He also has a little brother named Vincent McPengy.


Marky was born on February 3 1964, on Ross Island. His dream is to become a successful businessman on his hometown like his older brother, Anthony McPengy. At the age of 23, he found a small shop called the Supply Shop, although it did not attract any costumers. Luckily, a local Ross Island inhabitant Aqua Jet went on buying some of his supplies for something Aqua Jet needs. At the age of 37, Marky secretly replaces his supplies with junk or something from a garbage can or from the Ross Island Dump.


"This is a boot. Just a regular boot."

"How much is it?"

"Only one sar- I mean uhh 25 cents."

"You okay?"

"Yes! Now, give me 25 cents!"

-Marky and Aqua Jet

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