Mark Terrington
Mark Terrington rarely shows himself.
Vital statistics
Title Mark Snowvely Terrington
Gender Male
Race Adelie penguin
Faction Rarely seen
Health decent
Level 13
Status unknown
Location Last found in the hilltops of Pengolia

Mark Terrington is husband of C's old wife, Karen Scyentist. C's old wife had to change her name by law to Alicia Terrington. Mark Terrington is rarely seen, and when interviewed, they cover his face with a mask.


Mark Terrington was born in Pengolia. His mother was Penghis Khan's cousin. Although, they weren't that related, Mark's mom spoke in third person. Mark Terrington usually goes by the alias, Bailey Friend.

Mark was born on January 26, 1990.

Mark Terrington had lots of trouble in school, and usually had to stay after school for three hours or longer.


When Mark Terrington was 17, he was sent to see Penghis Khan because he was having his birthday. Mark gave Penghis Khan a booster seat.

"Penghis Khan likes booster seats," said Penghis Khan

Then, Penghis Khan jumped up and hugged Mark. Mark didn't know what was going to happen next, but soon he found out Penghis Khan was going to sing his "P is for PWN and PWNage" song.


  • He was a vegetarian for a short period of time.
  • He rarely shows his face.
  • He does not like improper grammar.
  • He does not like wretched stuff.
  • He is easily disturbed by everything.

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