Margate Central Island is the location of the former MAI, and is the main island after the merger with two other islands. This island is the richest and most powerful, though Sherby Hoodwounds' parlimental system is much more sufisticated and in terms of GDP.


Big Cities

Medium and Small Cities

  • Welfronnthou
  • Olehcity
  • Oishi Town *
  • Hiroki Town *
  • Aquiback

* Oishi and Hiroki town are actually part of Nuqaqui, a city next to Hiraki. However, after Mt. Feizhou erupted, the townspeople built a wall and blocked Nuqaqui from themselves. Oishi and Hiroki were later South Nuqaqui, but as they were not connected to each other, they respectively became Oishi and Hiroki.


  • Hifantou
  • Computerized Dome of Margate
  • Helifrontier
  • Aireo
  • Kiki (pronnouced kai-kee)
  • Kuampour


  • Statue of Margate
  • Mt. Feizhou
  • Stratalia Lake
  • Muxen Forest
  • Computerized Dome of Margate (itself a town)

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