Magma Puffle
Magma Puffle
The Magma Puffle
Vital statistics
Title The Mutated Puffle
Gender Male
Race Lava Puffle
Faction Evil
Health 100
Level 45
Status Plotting something
Location with Darktan

Magma Puffle is a puffle and an ally of Darktan. It is used to weld (or infact, burn) objects or anything made from metal. It is a mutated Lava Puffle.


After Darktan's success with the Lava Puffle, he needed something even more evil. He gave some Ditto to a Lava Puffle. The result was disastrous. The Lava Puffles had already been exposed to ditto once. The puffle grew to be twenty metres tall and appeared to be made of rock with hot lava cracks running through it. It had mutated.


Artist's impression of The Magma Puffle.


It is very strong and melts snow wherever it walks. It can shoot lava streams out of the cracks in it's body.


  • He is loyal to Darktan, but seems to have a mind of it's own.
  • Magma Puffle appeared in The Great Darktonian Pie War. He spoke in a deep Third Person Voice.
  • Magma Puffle burned Sam Rudi's village and hates him.

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