Maddieworld X
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I actually wonder why she has black hair.
Vital statistics
Title Maddieworld's X Antibody
Gender Female
Race X Penguin
Faction Very Evil X Penguin
Health Unfourtunatly, good
Level 1,000,000
Status Temporaraly Alive
Location The Darktanian Realm

thumb|100px|left|Maddieworld X's popular theme, whoever hears this will think of her.

Maddieworld X is Maddieworld's X Antibody. Scroll down if you dare!


It all started when Maddieworld went into a Ditto factory that was contaminated by the X Virus. When she was on a tour with a large group of penguins, a large tub of Ditto A containing dormant X-Virus protozoae poured on her. Some penguins went over to her to check on her, but Maddieworld was completely unconscious. Because of this, the tour was ended and she was taken to a hospital immediately. She woke up about six hours later. She was fine for a few days, because she was taking Anti-Ditto medication. But one day when she was going out with G, she started turning purple, wheezing and coughing.

"*cough*, *wheez*"

"Whats wrong, Maddie?"

"Oh,*cough* nothing Gary *Wheeze*."

(Maddie turns dark purple and passes out.)

(Black goo comes out of Maddie's mouth)

(Gary pours Maddie's medication in her mouth and she wakes up)


(The black goo manifests itself into a penguin which begins speaking)

"Thank you for setting me free, puny penguin. "


"I must go terrorize all of Antartica with my powers of DARKNESS. "

"Uh oh."

(Maddie passes out again and Gary takes Maddie to a hospital while the X-Creature flies away)

That is the terrorizing story that shall give you NIGHTMARES!!!!!


Maddieworld X is currently an Anti-Wondolier that works for Darktan. She also has a black IcePod.


Maddieworld X has a rare gray hoodie, a black icepod and a dark black puffle named Redstar.


  • Black Cotton Candy
  • Explosions
  • Haunted Houses
  • WishFlyx

How She Reacts

If you hurt her, or at least try to, she may do the following:

  • Bite your arm, leg, head, ect. off (no she is NOT a vampenguin)
  • If you are one of her friend, or a first time accident, she'll say "Hey, forgive and forget.".

Maddieworld treats people who hurt her emotionally and physically the same.




  • WishFlyX (Her Boyfriend)
  • Bellina
  • Mectrixctic
  • Willie Watt
  • Darktan
  • Mr Cow2


  • Maddieworld X is Maddieworld's antibody, although you probably already knew that.
  • She was actually created holding the Icepod, so it is unknown how she got it.
  • Maddie X is Darktan's assistant.
  • She is friends with Bellina, Mectrixctic, and Willie Watt. She is in the Treacherous Trio
  • WishFlyx has a crush on her and made her blush by kissing her. Is currently dating her.
  • She is 18, which is a magor differance in Maddieworld's age.

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