MCAdo image
So awesome!
Vital statistics
Title Comic Book Artist; Comedian; Overall Party Guy
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction M.C.
Health ur mom
Level ur mom
Status Alive
Location South Pole City

MCAdo is a comic-book artist in South Pole City. He has an interest in manga, and is currently alive, sketching for his & other's comic-books. Also he has done many stand up comedy shows all over South Pole City.

MCAdo's theme song



Born in the year 1995, MC Adolfo was born in his native South Pole City and was and had a love for comic books and manga, especially megaman manga. He then heard of Darktan and made his first comic based on him at the age of 8, then many years later, he got an idea on a new vigilante named Desperado who fights crime his special way in South Pole City and then fights Darktan and his minions. He then decided to also be a comedian in various clubs in South Pole City and on some occasions he was the headliner. In some occasions he will go to some late night parties and clubs and bring comic relief and party all night untill he passes out. Then they kick him out and goes home.


The Desperado comic is currently being made some concept sketches will be released. He is currently training to become a ninja.


  • MCAdo is probably the only penguin in the USA that is a megaman fan
  • MCAdo is trying to get every penguin to dress in a bannana costume and dance to peanut butter jelly time


  • "I'm awesome and you know it"
  • "Your mom"
  • "Curse you, Nintendo!!"
  • "Can i borrow some money?"
  • "Make it quick, Seinfeld's almost on"
  • "Stop writing what i say!"

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