Luke Firehand is a Magellanic Penguin from Satellite City. He's part of G.E.T. P.R.O.T.E.C.T.I.O.N.S, and is ranked as Drill Officer. Luke is a Sea Shprogshelphards. Currently, he lives in Satellite City.


Luke Firehand was born in modern day Satellite City during the time of PreTerra, in 1972. During the time, his family were very poor, living in a colony. Luke enjoyed living in colonies with shacks to live in. Many of the richer penguins killed creatures that would eat penguins, like Sharks and Jellyfish. He hated this, and as a result, vandalised boats that would later set sail. He tried to make PreTerra eco, by the time he was 7. He bought his first computer, the TTC Micro, which he enjoyed. The school he went to, Saint Ninjinian Snowman Governance School, was where he learned about the enviroment, and how to make a eco computer. He did this to his TTC Micro. He then went to Sharkile Grammer School, where he got studied biology. It was there where he learned about the Sea Shropshelphards, which he donated to. He recieved a deegree in biology and PE at univercity. He applied for a secret government agency, which was actually G.E.T. P.R.O.T.E.C.T.I.O.N.S (this is way before the PSA was even found, so there's no OOC). When he recieved the job, he was trained as a Soldier. After finishing his training, he had to save some innocent Ross Seals from being killed by Adelie pirates. He was even captured by them, but rescued by Captain Antarctica. He rose up to Drill Officer. Today, he earns a living by getting paid for his job, feeding his family. He still serves in the Sea Shprogshelphards.