City of Los Penguines
Country Isle of Penguifornia
Area Silver County,
Monuments Korman's Japalandese Theatre
Headquarters Los Penguines City Hall
Neighbourhoods Hollysnow Hills, Brentwood, Westwood, Batts, Regency Beach, Bel-Air, Downtown Financial Sector
Mayor Thomas King Jr.
Population 1,893,002
- rank by 2009:
Inhabited species Penguin,
General information
Native name Los Penguines
Foreign name
Demonym Los Penguinian
Founded 1999
- founder Thomas King Jr.
Time zone
- summer
Area codes 933,500

Los Penguines is the largest city on the Isle of Penguifornia, which resides itself anexxed to Antarctic Peninsula as a seperated one. It has a population of aprox. 1 million.


In 1997, a family of five penguins, named Thomas King, Luisa Barron King, Stephanie King, and Thomas King Jr., their home was foreclosed in Shiverpool, so they sailed south on their wooden boat to an island, where they sailed into a bay, and decided to settle there. They built a city of tents, as the historians called, it, and it soon grew to become to capital of what became Penguifornia. In 1999, the city started to grow, with the tent city being dismantled, and wooden, or brick buildings were put up. In 2001, the city became the capital of Penguifornia, during an inaugural ceremony at Los Penguines City Hall. Then, the city reached a population of about 576,003, as more penguins started flooding in. In 2004, the city held the Continental Food Festival, in which they attarcted many more penguins to the city as well. In 2006, the airport of the city opened, and now serves daily flights to and from places around the USA.


  • Capital City Building is home to Capital City Company, which produces many records.
  • Korman's Japalandese Theatre is located on Hollysnow Boulevard, and has many cement signatures of celebrities in the theaters' courtyard.
  • Walt Digsby Concert Hall is a recently opened concert hall and hosts many events
  • Hollysnow Boulevard is a main artery if the city, home to many famous theaters and clubs.
  • Los Penguines Stadium is the main stadium for the city, hosts many sporting events
  • Los Penguines International Airport is the main airport for the city, operates many flights from here
  • University of Los Penguines is where many young penguins come to study, a top ranking university as well.


  • Westwood is where the University of Los Penguines is, and where the famous Westwood Village is.
  • Brentwood is a suburb of the city, home to many families and small businesses
  • Hollysnow Hills is where many film studios and actors and actresses live.
  • Regency Beach is where many beaches are. The Santo Mono Pier is also located here.
  • Bel-Air is where many mansions are located, full of hills as well.
  • Downtown Financial Sector is where the main financial hub, and the stock market is located.


There are several types of penguins living in the city.


  • Skuas


  • The town is home to the world-famous Parahill Studios
  • The city recieves one of the least amounts of snowfall in the continent.
  • its a parady of los Angles

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