Ronald Reginald Williams Henry the Second
My gwandfwader
Even though he looks grumpy, he is actually happy.
Vital statistics
Title "An Old, yet Smart Monkey" ~ Explorer 767
Gender Male
Race Chimpanzee
Health 1001
Level 19
Status Alive
Location Born in Dorkugal, Now lives in Zurich
Occupation Bussiness Owner of "Banana Goods, Inc."
Height (estimate) Size of an Adelie Penguin
Eye color Black
Feather color No
Fur color Brown
Hair color No, but has hairdo
Nationality British
Citizenship Both Zurich, Calada and Club Penguin Island
Catchphrase "good Day Sir"
Hobbies Drinking Hot tea
Interests Bananas, Messing with Mwa Mwa Chicks
Weaknesses If he sees tons of Bananas, he loses it and runs towards them
Favorite color blue
Fears Banana Killers
Friends Explorer 767 Amigopen Quackerpingu Queen Amelia Admiral Ackbar Professor Zlo Shroomsky Indrid Cold
Enemies King Akuma
Member of Amelia Army
Signature 250px

"Lord" Ronald Reginald Williams Henry, II, Is a Ape, That somehow is able to act like a penguin and can talk few languages.


Reginald himself use to be a pet chimpanzee as a baby, by his original owner Greg Underwood (1929-1958), As he use to live in the Dorkugal Jungle, But lost his parents in a poaching war that lasted an entire two weeks.

Greg was a proud supporter of a foundation/program that ranged from 1912-present day, called the Animal Protection Support Program. he ventured into Dorkugal, in 1942, To arrest and execute those who were killing animals.

He found Reginald as he was lost and kept him at in his late 20s. He soon kept and was his best friend. But sadly, Mr. Underwood died from a sled accident leaving his best friend behind.

But then a local zoo in Dorkugal took him and trained him. The reason why is unknown today and back then. They trained him into walking like a human, Using puzzles, Understanding different languages, even making him talk, Heck I can tell you about this for a whole article.

Anyways, He was transported to a zoo in Calada in the 1970s. The news stated that Dorkugal had send the zoo some special cameras to monitor Reginald.

The cameras caught Reginald in a stress look and soon yelled out words for the first time alone. "I HATE THIS!", he yelled and soon escaped his exhibit, And climbed on board on a steamboat and found fancy clothing and soon wore them to blend in.

He left to Zurich and most penguins confused him for a business owner and give him a fancy igloo, And was given 3 million coins. He soon made a business called "Banana Goods, Inc.", A company that specializes in making different foods with bananas mixed in. Soon He owned 7 million coins today and is proud.


He is still an owner and likes to annoy Mwa Mwa Penguins, But this is unclear how. But today he is healthy and normal.


Lord monkey

Lord Reginald when he is accused or chosen.