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Lily8763 himself

Lily8763 is the apperentice of dot and is a penguin who has many suits. He was born on January 14,1977


He is a great epf agent and helper find a new area of cp called cpnorth and helpped the director make a new agentsy called spt= special penguin troop.In epf he is the commander of the ar squad= allaround squad. In spt he is the commander of the stealth squad. He met T and seams to have a crush on her.


Oh dont ask me that he has like 10,000 of those well I'll list 3. He has the pookie suit, the herbert suit, and the coach suit to name some.


His history unknown but is somehow Related to Xorai He also appeared in the Great Darktonian Pie War saving others live from a giant beattle but is never shown in the history records.It is also known that Lily8763 became Mad and calm after having a sad beggninng when his mom was killed by the X-Virus and got a x Virus form of him called Lilx8769.

Making Games

  • When Lily8763 saw the Penguin Party series needing a new maker,Lily8763,a great programmer decided to try to make a new game along with Snowtendo,the result was Penguin Party 3 for the Penguin U then made a whole system though he was close to being sued by the makers of Vii U until penguins "saved" the Penguin U saying the Vii U wasn't even out and never will as long as the Penguin U is alive. Lily doesn't say this is real though. More than 1/2 the games on the Penguin U are made by him but will be releasing Penguin Party 3(or some want to be called Penguin Party 3d or Penguin Party 4) to the Snowtendo 3DS.


  • Lily8763 in cp is the oppsite of the heard of Lily8763cp,Lily8763 is a boy while cp is a girl and alot of other differences

Chip Trip

Lily8763 once did a test on FF chips and found out that the chips have Fat Weeds in them,he told a famous fitness trainer Maxie and they'll both go on a road trip telling penguins of the danger of the chips starting at 5/1/14.