Lightning Ninjas are ninjas who are very skilled at zapping with lightning. They can't kill with lightning. They also are known for being the most loyal ninjas to Flywish. They train with Sabrina in Limilia City. If Limilia City is under construction the train at the Storm Dojo.


Several aspiring PKMN-Jitsu Ninjas who were very talented in physic abilities were training in Sabrina's gym. Flywish entered.

"Hey! Let's give that guy a pantsing!"

"He doesn't HAVE pants."


"Let's fight him in PKMN Jitsu!"

So, after a long duel of PKMN Jitsu, Flywish won. Apparently, Flywish had some physic powers.

"Dude! You're good! You should try the MASTER."

So, Flywish went trudging through the maze (duh) and found Sabrina.

Ironically, he beat her because he tried to prank her. She was pied, but then started bombarding Flywish.

"Are you done with your immature prank?"

She didn't notice Flywish playing his card. 20 seconds passed, and a random card was picked from Sabrina's deck. Flywish had a level 14 Fire card, which beat her level 2 snow card. Sabrina got PWNED.

When Flywish exited, the ninjas were amazed. These ninjas in specific were talented at controlling the elements, like lightning. They were amazed at Flywish's victory, and said they would help him if needed.

Notable Lightning Ninjas

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  • The current lightning sensei is Thunder.
  • Gregory and Storm are Thunder's favorite students.

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