Lickseys Hospital
Lickseys Hospital image
The Lickseys Hospital as of 2009.
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Vital statistics
Type Hospital
Level Any.
Location Newton Town's Southern part.
Inhabitants Doctors, Nurses, Patients

Lickseys Hospital is the second hospital in Newton Town. The first hospital is the Newton Hospital, and it used to be standing where this hospital now stands.


When the Newton Hospital shifted operations to the main streets or town square, the building had to be demolished in order to make way for a new building. Meanwhile, several doctors in Newton Hospital who did a research and found out that many more patients were sick in the populated Newton Town and the only center for clinics (which is Newton Hospital) is full, they wanted to build a new hospital. But their capital altogether is still unable to pay for a new building.

Suddenly, one of them thought of an idea! They all knew that the Newton Hospital had shifted operations and the old hospital would be demolished. Instead of demolishing it, they could use and partially renovate it to become a new hospital.

It was so profitable that they created an extension building next to it. Nowadays, all the sick penguins in Newton Town and neighboruing places can reach here easily.



In the main building, there are five stories. The concept is similar to that of Newton Hospital's, just that it has no operating rooms in the top three stories and patients' rooms replace the non-used operating rooms on the lobby deck.

In the extension building, there are two stories, all used for operating rooms and few clinics.




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