Lexley Selson
Lexley Selson image
Vital statistics
Title Fan of Everything and Everyone
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Location USA

Lexley Selson (Pronouced LEX-LE SELL-SON) is a fan of Anyone, and Everyone, even Mabel. His ultimate goal in life is to get the autograph of every well-known creature in existence.


Lexley Selson, in his obbession of seeking out autographs from everyone in existence, has caused destruction, because he will literally do anything to get a signature.

In his eternal quest for autographs, Lexley has hurt Penghis Khan, Newman, Link, and Jerry Penfeld.

He's been known to break in to prisons for criminal signatures, scale cliffs for the Czar of GourdZoid's autograph, and stalk creatures for days on end.

He's averted traps for the signature of a StormWorm, been smacked by shovels to get an autograph of Explorer, and called explicit names for the pen writings of Mabel.

He once ran for ten miles in a Pengolian blizzard to snag an autograph of Bambadoo, the main "villain" who threw a shoe at Penghis Khan.

He Interrupted The Book Koobly Kronicles And Wrote "Lexley Wuz Here" and Demanded A Autograph from Koobly. Koobly Signed his Name in the book on 1/3/09.

Autograph Gallery


  • He currently has one Volume of Autographs in an album, and he is one-fifth done with Volume II.
  • Each "volume" of autograph albums are as thich as a standard dictionary.

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