Leonardo da Pinci
Leonardo Da Waffli
Image caption
Vital statistics
Title Mr. Pinci
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Dorkugese
Health Dead
Level Unknown
Status Dead
Location Dorkugal Cemetery

Leonardo da Pinci, usually addressed as Mr. Pinci, (April 1, 1984 -- January 5, 2002) was a Dorkugese artist/inventor that lived in Dorkugal and the creator of The Golden Waffle. He was involved in the Quest for the Golden Waffle for he helped the gang accomplish the mission.


Leonardo was a strange little penguin, always turning pancakes into a strange shapes. His parents always scolded him for turning the sacred pancake mix into those strange things that he called "Waffles". You see, in his time, there were NO WAFFLES! Just boring, round, pancakes.


He made the waffle and is related to The Golden Waffle. He created the Golden Waffle and hid it shortly before his death from laughing watching people happily eating waffles. He painted the "Mona Penga", a strange painting of a penguin who has a weird smile. He tried to create a glider, too. (The first plane, it failed) He is kind of hyper and almost ALL the time screams "The answer is 42". He can break the 4th wall, too.


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