Ni Lenshell War
Date February 1996-October 1996
Location Penguin University
Result Lenshells defeated.
Casus belli A group of penguins dubbed the "Lenshells" wanted to take over The Happyface State.
Lenshells The Happyface State's army Weddell's Army (taking over itself?)
Mikochita Hameraupada General Smiley Makintonshed Johnson (aka The Man)
3000 soldiers 3000 soliders 600 soliders
10 injured 10 injured A scar

The Lenshell War is the first war involving an education facility in The Happyface State. An extensively large group of penguins dubbed the "Lenshells" wanted to take over The Happyface State and aimed at the Penguin Univeristy as it is the backbone of many learners. The Penguin University was abandoned and closed down for a year.


The Lenshells were a terrorist group in Weddell whom aimed at conquering land. They wanted to give power to themselves by defeating a very strong country/state. Freezeland was no match and The Land of Flystar55555 was not born. Weddell was so weak that a baby could takeover it said the group. Therefore, they aimed at back then the second-strongest state, The Happyface State.

They all knew that the backbone is the Penguin University. They even thought that it would be possible to take over the whole USA when education was abolished! They therefore prepared pie bombs and such to defeat The Happyface State.

Leaving Weddell

Leaving Weddell was a hard mission. The country (back then) did not enable the disembarkation of the fatties. Therefore, they fought the Weddells and won eventually.

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