These are the legends of CP. Some are fake, others might be true! All may add legends.

Penguin-eating toilet

It is said whoever gets "eaten" never sees another thing EVER. It is also said that the carnivorous pot looks just like a normal toilet. Beware.

Unplugged arcade machine

It is said whoever goes in it is forced to die a slow, painful death in it. Some say that it supplies plenty of food for you and some have even EATEN to death!

The puffle cave

Very few penguins have gone to the wilderness and even fewer have made it out alive. But there is one attraction worth seeing. A cave where all wilderness puffles sleep in every night. An O'Berry bush that feeds them all three times a day has gone missing for reasons unknown. And when that happens, puffles have to eat their next favorite food. PENGUINS!

Doraemon Transporter

In Mcdonalds City, there is a transported sending you into the doraemon world, making you human. Anyone that wants to go there must open the door to the world, then force requesting to come back. This portal can only appear anywhere in Mcdonalds City.

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