Landhopper image1
Vital statistics
Title The Captain of the Southern Specific
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Health Excellent
Status Disliking his brother, selling his wares.
Location Sailing

Landhopper is Rockhopper's brother and is rivaled against him. He brings items from a mysterious ocean, called "the Specific Ocean" by humans.


Rockhopper and Landhopper were rivals from the minute they hatched. They always competed for anything, be it food, toys, or the favor of their parents. When they grew up, they parted ways, trying to find the best stretch of ocean in the Antarctic. Rockhopper found the fertile waters of King George's Island and Rockhopper Island, while Landhopper was blown off course by a storm and found a mysterious sea to the far north. This sea was later identified by Captain Ash as something called "the Southern Specific Ocean". Rockhopper and Landhopper began competing to bring the coolest, most popular trinkets to Club Penguin Island. They have never stopped competing ever since.


Landhopper explores the southern sector of an immense ocean that humans call the "Specific Ocean". He is rivals with Rockhopper, both trying to bring back the most interesting trinkets to Club Penguin. Landhopper also helps with finding a cure to Fat , but probably just to increase his popularity.


  • The two brothers share a rather intriguing sibling rivalry. They don't speak much, but they all gather at family reunions, where all chaos breaks loose.
  • His puffle, Flar, is his best friend, because he saved him from the evil Cardboard Sharks. Flar is the puffle in his background, and is his faithful friend.

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