Legion of Extremly Evil Polar Bears, or the LEEPB, is a group of 5 polar bears that quest to destroy penguins .This organization was formed by Herbert P. Bear, which he gathered his polar bear family to create it. Top Agents are busy working on a plan to shut it down.


Herbert P. Bear

The founder of LEEPB. He is well known in Club Penguin as a cranky criminal and a suspect at large for agents.

Mary P. Bear

Mary is Herbert's elder sister. She has an obsession of the color hot pink and is good at getting her way. She gets her way by having them look into her eyes, which have some sort of hypnotizing power.

Henrietta P. Bear

Henrietta is Herbert's cousin and Henry's twin. She has the exact same personality as her brother and looks like him except she wears a bow.

Bobby P. Bear

Herbert's younger brother. He is a master of The Look and his Look is so strong that it is almost as powerful as Mary's hypnotizing power.

Herbette B. Bear

Herbert's girlfriend.


This legion has a few penguin spies. They were all hypnotized by Mary P. Bear and lured by Bobby P. Bear

(ex)Agent Jakey

A Currently Hypnotized Penguin Agent

(ex)Agent Pamela

A Currently Hypnotized Penguin Agent

Agent LJM

One of the three spies. She is actually a double agent for the PSA.

Agent Darius111111

He is a double agent for the PSA.


  • All but Herbert have a severe allergy to Squid. If they are given it they will loose hair very fast and get warts the size of walnuts.
  • LEEPB has gotten an idea to kidnap all the puffles from penguins leaving them sad and lonely.
  • The PSA is trying to keep LEEPB a secret from penguins so penguins are not alarmed. That failed.
  • Some penguins laugh at the Legion's name, especially Explorer.
  • Agent LJM is somehow not effected by Mary's hypnotizing eyes
  • Once Fudd threw tomatoes at them.

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