Korobase's Adventure is a game on the PengStation 2 and 3. You play as Korobase on his journey to the center of Fire Island.


You have to help Korobase on his journey to the center of Fire Island to retrieve the Neon Emerald, a rare gem worth millions of coins.



  • Move Forward - Up Button
  • Move Backward - Down Button
  • Move Left - Left Button
  • Move Right - Right Button
  • Hop - 1 Button
  • Roll - 2 Button
  • Combust - 3 Button
  • 3D Mode - 4 Button


A New Quest

  • Location: Pengydeen
  • Start Point: Metalmanager's house
  • End Point: Fire Cave

Are we there yet?

  • Location: Fire Island
  • Start Point: Fire Cave
  • End Point: Outer Circle

Bring it on

  • Location: The Center of Fire Island
  • Start Point: Outer Circle
  • End Point: Inner Circle

The Battle

  • Location: Neon Hideout
  • Start Point: Inner Circle
  • End Point: Emerald Safe Point

The Great Escape

  • Location: Pengydeen
  • Start Point: Emerald Safe Point
  • End Point: Metalmanager's house

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