Sir Kazooian "Doukingsbing" Smergh
Kazooian image
His emblem would be the sun.
Vital statistics
Title Kazooian
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction No Faction
Health Healthy
Level 110
Status Dead
Location Smerghshire

Sir Kazooian "Doukingsbing" Smergh of Smerghshire (20 September 1776-11 August 1845), or just Kazooian, is the former king of Smerghshire. He now lies in his chamber at the town.


Born on 20 September 1990, he has a rather large family, with about 10 siblings (including he himself). When he was 10, he became king of the town as he was highly-educated by posing questions, like a ponderer. He died on 11 August 2007, on the eve of Shire Day.


He rules the land of Smerghshire.


  • During his 50s, he married Lynnstar Virgin.
  • Only when he died his wife gave birth to a boy named Novel Smergh

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