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Katt the Penguin (Katherine Le Pengu) was born in 18, October 1999 in Club penguin island , 1 year younger than her brother Percy. When she was 3, she found a strange thing, it was a coin, she didn't know that it was a coin, so she kept it, When she entered kindergarten, she was a total prankster, she made friends with Lean and Lyn, then she met Rookie in school, they are friends since then. She was bullied a lot in school cause she want like a normal penguin, her friends protected her, thats why she owes them one, And a big one.


In 2016, she and her brother Percy and her sister Heather, made a band called Rad Guyz. They were a success and have sold 3 million copies of their debut studio album. === EPF Agent ===In 2017, she was invited by a friend of hers to the EPF agency. During testing for approval, she almost completely failed the test, due to thinking thoughts about pranking other penguins. But she quickly forgot, got approved, and is respectful towards other penguins.


1.-She was the only one that was born with a rainbow hair in her family.

2.-As we can see, she likes Rookie

3.- She has a puffle called Lemonade, and a deer puffle called Dear Deer, so she has to waste around 300,5 coins on just feeding them. 

4.- She doesn't like too much color in things, quite is a bit strange, cause her hair is rainbow. 

5.- She knows the island too much, that much that she remembered where she did leave her phone when she lost it. ( it was in a forest tree) 

6.- She likes cookies. 
No abrir

Awww! Katt when she was a chick

7.- She is a bit clumsy, like the time she gave his brother her diary. (no really, she did.)

8.- She is a driver in the famous rocket sport engine racing, and drives a 8T8 Twin-Block engine.


Katt's Spoopy house!