Vital statistics
Title Sir Karazachi
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction South Pole Council
Health Clean
Level 7
Status Leader of Hailvale
Location Mouseport

Karazachi is the penguin who is always incharge of governing Hailvale.


He was born in South Pole City were he immediantly became interested with polictics. His father willingly gave him a large sum of his fortune to go exploring and discover new islands. He is also the current delegate for Hailvale in the South Pole Council


For many days he sailed the Southern Sea, north of Antarctica, but stumbled upon no land. Just when he was giving up hope he found a small 'C' shaped island. He and his crew landed and named the island Hailvale they found the name fitting because there was a large hailstorm at the time.

Harezan Crissis

The Robotic Rabbits O' Evil of the Harezan region of Hailvale. Is a dangerous place full of evil robot bunnies. Karazachi has asked for Antarctican Military protection around this area.

Assasination Attempt

Pinkcoolcat II ordered her Robotic Rabbits O' Evil to throw a fruit cake in his face. Thankfully Karazachi has quick reflexes and dodged the fruit cake. Secret Service later apprehended the culprit.


2 puffles. A blue on name Schmuck, and a pink one named Pinkpuffs

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