KK:SS is a common phrase used by Sherbian (penguins from Sherby Hoodwounds) and an unknown character nobody knows except somebody.


KK:SS has been now known as researchers, such as this penguin has found out. Between the former "thought" defination, the word is said to be a greeting slogan. They date back from the 1900s when Parrock Dane said KK:SS. For a more understandable defination, they say it means "Hello", "Bye" or "Goodday". It just means this combined.


There has been lots of fights and the word has been used wrongly. Even worse, the word was thought to make people madly mad like how strange penguins react, or even the creator of this article could be. However, this was a false rumor spread by Ernie, a very, very, very bad penguin.

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