Jing Jongs Force, or JJF, is a group of protesters against the Constitution of the United States of Antarctica and wants to revive the independent Jing Jongs before 2001. Their leader (in fact, a figurehead) is Vern the Jerk, whom plans to raid the South Pole Council and tear the constitution apart. They have planned to try and enter the mainland, but Jing Jongs authorities were warned of the despicable villains and were barred from exiting the island. Their last attack was on September 2009, although there have been reports of secret agents trying to exit the island, too.

The Jing Jongs Force consists of 10,000 penguins, as reported by a research agency. It is also believed that their hideout is the Jing Jongs Strange House, especially after mysterious sightings of members sneaking around the structure. Most believe that their true intention was to actually raid the house. No one really knows.


Vern the Jerk was a Northern Kanta Penguin, NOT A JERK, who enjoyed fishing since he was young. He was born in the current Jing Jongs Island and loved the ruling system then. However, when the kingdom had to be annexed by the USA, Vern instantly found hatred with the South Pole Council and Billybob. That was how his plan to destroy the constitution begun...

In 2005, during the Floodlight Act, a floodlight accidentally crashed into a tree after someone removed bolts. Apparently it was Vern the Jerk. Vern the Jerk had to serve a two-month sentence in The Hot Snow and returned the island a month after complething his setence. In August 2006, he tried to destroy the South Pole Council building, but to no avail and was eventually barred from entering the country. He was in exile in Jing Jongs Island ever since.

With vengerence, Vern eventually formed the 'Anti-USA Force' in September that year. Several penguins who agreed with his ideas joined too. In order to gain publicity, he held speech rallies in the cul-de-sacs, neighbourhoods and whatnot of Jing Jongs Town. By the end of 2006, he had more than 1000 members in his group.

He eventually renamed the group 'Jing Jongs Force', as he thought the word 'force' had a large impact on the group, indicating that the members stay united.

Their first attempt to raid the South Pole Council building as a group was in February 2007. However, they were instantly found out and more than 25 members were taken into custody by the PSA. Thankfully, Vern did not join. Thankfully? Thats just plain wrong!

In 2008, they tried contacting another similar group, the CANS in the Lichenblossom Isles, but JJF eventually betrayed them. CANS became their number three enemy.

Their latest attack was held a few months before the end of 2009, but many were caught. 9000 members are still not jailed, while the other 1000 are.

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