JewelCab is the second biggest cab service in Margate Antarctica Islands and Margate Central Island. It's main compettitor is Blump!Taxi.


JewelCab was founded in 1997 by Austin Steve. He wanted a compettion to then profit-growing BlumpTaxi!, which is of course no acceptable by law as the company "will grow rich in no time". Thus, he created this.

Naming History and Quarrel of 2001

Now, the name came from the special jewels of what Steve appreciated, and suits a beautiful and relaxing name for the company. However, there were quarrels in 2001. It was named "the quarrel of 2001" by the employees. It was a fight between "Jewel" and "Gem", with the addition of "Antarctic" (it's not used). However, the CEO (which is Steve of course) said that the company was run by him, therefore no other name could be accepted. However, due to that, some employees quit and formed GemCab. The word "Antarctic" was probithed by the USA, which carries the link "Antarctic". It was formed of course.

Financial Problems

In 2004, there were large commercial problems. The fight between it's main compettitor, GemCab and newly formed New York Cab (what is a New York???). They had to fill for bankruptcy protection, and had to fire half it's employees and taxicabs. It lost a total of P100,000 (10 million coins) in total cash (no caps), plus the extra money earned which decreased the amount. It was nearly about to shut down, until some money was re-earned to the newly FastWay system produced by the advertising department, which made their prices go up. They then bought bankrupt-New York Cab. Their financial problems, were over.


Currently, their FastWay, or now Speed2Me is making big bucks. Also, their first accident, which caused no fatalities happened at a junction. Also, due to fuel prices falling, they became less buissness. See below for more.


They are displayed on the stock markets, and have been going with ups and downs throughout the years.

Operations (Money Stuff)

Each ride depends on the:

  • Service
  • Distance
  • Fuel Costs
  • Pick-up Area


Their service usually cost at P2.80 every ride. It was formerly P2.40.


Every 1 minute, an extra C10 (10 coins) will be added to the list.


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