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This article is SCARY. Please make immediate corrections before someone besides the user who placed this template becomes all trembly. This template may have been given out for being mean, using fangs and wings, being in Darktan's Army, liking Familiar, being WishFlyX's puffle, Calling Mabel her friend, etc.
If any puffle is evil, they must unconsciously choose to do so. They cannot consciously choose, because that would a major shame and disgrace to the puffle race. Should they feel guilt (like they should), it must be their decision to do so.

Now plz tell me that's evil and not cute
Vital statistics
Title The Flying Puffle
Gender Female
Race Puffles
Faction Darktan's Army
Health Good just needs to turn good
Level 36
Status Being treated by WishFlyX
Location With WishFlyX at the Darktonian Realm

Jenni is a very evil puffle owned by WishFlyX. She is very loyal to him but despises Flywish.


This puffle was made after WishFlyX bought her. She was a normal yet evil puffle until WishFlyX turned her powerful with his technology. She remained loyal to WishFlyX and never left his side. She also despises Xorai and his puffle, Penelope O'vian. She found out who Flywish was and started despising him.


She will destroy you but never Darktan II. She is with Darktan II and wishes to join The Treacherous Trio. Jenni also never does anything to WishFlyX like Penelope does to Xorai. She has bat like wings with fangs and has Ditto in them. She also is afraid of nobody but WishFlyX if he ever is mean to her.





Puffles Who Like Her

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  • She is not in Mabel's Family.
  • She can't talk that well but she can at least talk a little. She usually says at least 5 sentences is a garbled voice and then stops, before communicating by growling, hissing, squeaking, or purring.
  • Her favorite food is Poritos
  • Her Favorite show is X and the City though it hasn't come out yet she's just excited to see her owner be in there.
  • She is a Greater Minion of Darktan's Army because she is WishFlyX's puffle, and powerful.
  • She has a major crush on Familiar
  • She doesn't know Chenny or Zenny
  • She hates Penelope.
  • She is the first Greater Minion in Darktan's Army to be a puffle.
  • She hates Radal. This is the only time where Flywish and Jenni are on the same side. She also plans on biting Radal.
    • When she tried her wings got broken and her fangs got numbed, and wacked by a candy sword.
  • She wants to join Mectrixctic's Army
  • She loves calling Mabel "Her Friend"
  • She has an X-Antibody
  • Maddieworld X thinks she's cute.
  • She plans to destroy Director Xenny now.
  • Familiar has a crush on her.
  • She can and has tortured Chuck X.
  • She despises Edward.
    • She once tortured Edward but she stopped.


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