Normal Appearance
Vital statistics
Title Jasper the Parrot
Gender Male
Race Parrot
Faction Is a Vampire
Health Healthy
Level Unknown
Status Confusing Yorkay Porkay
Location Club Penguin Island

Jasper is a vampire parrot that was rescued by Yorkay Porkay when it was a baby.


Jasper was born on an uncharted island. Somewhere there, he was touched by a Vampenguin, and he became infected. He didn't like being a vampenguin. He thought it was gross, repulsive, ect.

He normally just hunted wild animals, and every penguin that tried to harm him got bitten. It was one day he was flying on Club Penguin Island, that he flew into a tree and crashed. Then, Yorkay Porkay stumbled along and found Jasper, all alone. Yorkay Porkay took him to her igloo and took care of him.

Jasper and York are now the closest friends ever, and he is almost always found on her shoulder.


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Jasper has red feathers, black eyes, and white fangs.


  • Jasper enjoys Ben's blood very much, but even when he bites him, he doesn't turn into a Vampenguin... weird...
    • Unlike most creatures infected with Vampenguinism, Jasper bites. However the strain he is infected with does not appear to be infectious. This is why Ben isn't a Vampenguin.
  • Jasper loves getting Yorkay confused.
  • Jasper has a long-lost twin sister named Jasmine who belongs to Flying Dutchopper.

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