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Jason Steed.

Jason Steed (1983-present day) is a guitarist for the bands, Pizza and The Tomorrow. He is considered one of the youngest musicians in the industry.

Pizza Career

He was always rocking as a youth.

When Pizza tryouts Came, Spongebobrocks09 knew he would be perfect. He was hired on the spot, and made Pizza a headliner band. Soon, the band got inducted in the Penguin Hall Of Fame, all thanks to Jason.

Jason And His School

As soon as Jason got back during summer, the time Pizza started, everyone, even Fords liked loved worshipped' (no, he doesn't approve) this superstar.

Girls fought over (and still fight to this day) who would date him. So, you get the idea.


  • Penghis Khan is Jason Steed's "biggest fan", and constantly sends Khanz messengers demanding Jason to meet him, or face an invasion from Pengolia. So far, Jason has not replied.
As one eyewitneess put it:
You haven't lived until you've heard Jason Steed play this classical peice with his special double neck guitar. Ironically, this song gets girls screaming despite its rather slow pace, and the fact that it's... well, a nerd song.

June 14, 2008 Dare


On that day, two Fords dared Jason to play a pink electric guitar on his next Pizza Concert. Jason took the dare and played it. No one even saw that it was pink, because they were enjoying the music too much to notice (or care). Sadly, in the July 2008 Edition of Penguin Style, the Paparazzi realized he painted the guitar, and posted its true color on the clothing magazine.