Vital statistics
Title Evil
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction Xorai
Health Evil
Level Evil
Status Who cares?
Location Xorai


Isakui was hatched on a stormy night, he quickly went to a school and attacked other Chicks, later he learned of Xorai and thought he was "evil enough" and joined him. Then he saw Mectrixctic and developed a crush on her. Despite her being a Vampenguin/Demon Penguin. Later he escaped Xorai (With WishFlyX's help) and joined Darktan II.



*Even though hes in Xorai's Army, he has a crush on Mectrixctic

    • Xorai doesn't approve and tends to hurt him with a vase whenever he "daydreams" about her.
  • He tends to do a bad job in Xorai's Army and tends to try to quit, but always gets hurt and forgets why he was leaving.
  • He tends to hurt Xorai intentionly, to impress Mectrixctic, it ends with him getting hurt by Xorai.
  • He is rather gulibal.
  • 12yz12ab X hates him. His comment: HE IS STEALING AWAY MY CRUSH!
    • But Isakui looks up to 12yz12ab as a role-model.
  • He, with WishFlyX's help, escaped Xorai and joined Darktan.
    • This was part of Flywish and WishFlyX's plan to get another member out of Xorai's Army besides Duckyworld and Radclaw1.
  • he has been beaten up 12 times by his antibody since he left Xorai's army.
  • He is rather smart, but is a weaklign.
  • He wants revenge on Flywish for arresting WishFlyX.
    • Xorai's comment: I would help him, but he is my enemey now, SO TO BAD ISAKUI!
    • Isakui X's comment: Ha Ha!
  • He is PATHETIC, hes worse at being evil with Xorai, that's saying alot.


Isakui: *Cries* I miss WishFlyX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xorai: Well too bad!!!!!!!! He is in prison right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will never get him back! Now stop crying about WishFlyX and wake up! How did I snap?

Isakui X: *Attacks Isakui*

WishFlyX: Leave Isakui alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *WishFlyX's theme starts playing*

Isakui: WishFlyyyyyyyyyyX? They let you out of jail?

WishFlyX: Not exactly *Starts beating up Isakui X and Xorai and they run away back to their base*

Isakui: Thank you WishFlyX!

Talking with the antibody Isakui X: hello Isakui

Isakui: hello X Isakui

Isakui X: isakui X

Isakui: Right, well bye.

Isakui X: Bye.

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