IndytigX image
Cower in fear or he'll destroy you.
Vital statistics
Title IndytigX
Gender Male
Race X-Antibody Penguin
Faction X-Antibody
Health Healthy
Level 264
Status Drawing blueprints for his World Destroyer 20000, which eventually blows up Saturn, and possibley Earth.
Location The moon

IndytigX Theme Song

IndytigX Theme Song

The theme song that makes you cower in fear. Apparently Indytig10's X-antibody can break the fourth wall, too.

Roleplay Although it doesn't deserve to, this article involves role-play; cower in fear or leave a message on this terrifying X-antibody's talkpage to talk with it! (Like you'd want to, especially with this guy)

IndytigX is the X-Antibody of Indytig10. He has plans to destroy the world, and he actually means it, he's making blueprints for a machine that can destroy the world.


Indytig10 was sneezing and coughing and wheezing up a storm.


He was still joking around, even though he had the X-Virus.

Then, there was another sneeze.


This time, a black slimey goo came out of his mouth and landed on the floor. Then, it started forming into a penguin, which resembled Indytig10, with different clothes and he was black.

"Hello. I'm going to destroy the planet. TTFN."

The X-antibody of Indytig10 walked off.

"Wow," Indytig10 said as it left.


In the future, his World Destroyer 20000 will be completed, and he will blow up Saturn. Whether or not he blows up the Earth is unknown.

A Message From IndytigX

I'm going to destroy the planet with my high I.Q. of 355, whereas Indytig10's is 203. PWNed. I bet you that your I.Q. is 2. I bet you 1,000 coins. Your I.Q. is 2. Go take one of those dumb Internet I.Q. quizzes and watch as you fail with an I.Q. of 1. I WILL use my World Destroyer 20000 to destroy the world. TTFN.




  • The X in his name, he says, is a roman numeral. X is the roman numeral for 10.
    • Of course, this claim is untrue, as the X in an X-Antibody's name is meant to denote the fact that they are an X-Antibody.
  • He DESPISES Nummy Cakes. That's why Indytig10 hates him much more than he should.
    • Because he despises them, he chose the theme song because "it mentioned the cake was a lie."
      • He also chose it because he wants to destroy your friend.
  • IndytigX loves Manny Peng.
  • It's hard to tell, but the X is on his back.
  • IndytigX's signature farewell is "TTFN."
  • IndytigX occasionally lies. He lied about all of the I.Q.s in his message. Although he has a higher I.Q. than Indytig10, it's not that high.

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