Imperial Lollipop
Imperial Lollipop image
So much for a Imperial Lollipop
Vital statistics
Type Stale Candy
Effects None
Source Manny Peng
Location Where Manny Peng is
Cost to buy none
Cost to sell none

The Imperial Lollipop is a lollipop that is the same as any other, but Manny Peng resfuses to believe it. He carries around the lollipop that he says has magical powers. Don't believe him though as it dosen't


Manny Peng constantly tries to hit people with this item, but many just grab it from him and stick it to his face. He will then cry for hours until he can get it off. When he finally does he finds most of the feathers on his forehead have either come off, or become extremely sticky.


  • It was turned stale by Doctor Dimmerwits' Stale Ray. Dosen't really matter though as it never had powers.
  • The lollipop somehow came into the possession of Sockhopper.
    • He got thrown off a cruise ship for stealing by Manny Peng.

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