A snow-flavored Icicle Popsicle. Mmmm...yummy...

The Icicle Popsicle, usually called Ice Popsicle, Snow Popsicle or simply Icicle, is a delightful desert which is an icicle-shaped popsicle of different flavors. Invented by [[Icecuber2d2, the Icicle Popsicle is the fifth most popular dessert, after ice cream, cake, macrons and snowcones. The Icicle Popsicle is sold by many vendors throughout Antarctica, though the most notable one is Icicle Parlor.


After a session of a course ended, Icecuber2d2 waddled out of the university and headed to a restaurant to eat some fish. However, an icicle dropped next to him while walking along a corridor. He picked it up and gazed at it, when he suddenly had a brilliant idea. For three days, he tried making an icicle-shaped ice dessert, in which the penguin would lick it to taste the flavor.

When he finished the invention, he sold it near


  • When Penghis Khan was a chick, he ate this for dessert. His flavor of prefrence: Mullet.

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