Ice City
Ice City image
Ice City..From a very high point.
Ice City map
The Flag of Ice City
Vital statistics
Type Island/City
Level Above Sea
Location Sub-Antarctic
Inhabitants Penguins

Ice City is a City located in the Antarctic. It is made of Snow and Ice. It is home to many, and I mean many. It is a round island, but it has some edges. The rulers of he city (unrevealed) are conservative. They haven't allowed to reveal satellite photos of this ciy. Tht is the reason, why it is shown as a white iceberg on every map. It is not confirmed, that it covers the whole island. Peguins who live here seem to be quite shy, and doesn't how up to penguins from othr parts of the USA.


It was founded by Jorkjon R Fransor back in 1652. Back then it was a deserted island, found in the sea near to Club Penguin Island. It was made into a city by bulding some houses, buildings and various other types of buildings in 1992, that is when most penguins came to this city to make it their home after traveling the seas. Jorkjon founded it when he was looking for a place to live after traveling with no sleep for 16 months. In 1997 a group of penguins, who didn't want the city to be a such popular place started ruling the city. They did almost everything to isolate the place. According to the USA laws, they cannot totally do it. But they are accepted by the population (in 78,55 %) as great rulers.


Penguins in Ice City use a different currency. At first it was "snows". It was quite low, comparing to the USA coins, so it was changed. Ices were placed instead, and they are two times more worth, than USA coins. But still, they aren't exchanged with the USA coins, so the differences doesn't really show up.

New Currency

  • Ices
    • Example: 10 Ices = 20 Coins

Old Currency

  • Snows
    • Example: 10 Snows = 5 Coins


Penguins = 8,972,439

Puffles = 2,340,187

Other = 15,762

Total = 1,132,83,88

More Information

  • King: Unknown
  • Queen: Unknown
  • Song: "Don't stop the rock" by "Freestyle"
  • 2nd Song: "Halloween Igloo Music 2" from "Club Penguin Halloween Party (2008)"
Welcome To Ice City!

A detailed map of the city with a yacht sailing in the background.


  • Main City
  • Ices
    • South Ice
    • North Ice
    • East Ice
    • West Ice


  • Main City
    • City Mall
    • Ice Cream store
    • Toy Store
    • Mwa Mwa's Я Us (secret entrance to BBRS (Bay Bee Removal Squad)
    • WOW! Bakery (There was once a fire here)
    • Icey Courthouse
  • South Ice
    • Bait Store - Fishing Stuff
    • Bait Store - Bait Items which get you banned
  • North Ice
    • Northen Watchout
  • Eastern Ice
    • Telescope
  • Western Ice
    • Lasso Store


Penguins, Puffles, Other.


Polar Bears, Sharks.


Food, Drink, Bait (For Fishing).

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