I've just wanna be with you is a 2011 love pop song by Animal Jam27 when she participated in the Music Jam 2011 Song Contest. The song is about Animal's love in Rookie and her future with him. The song was in 3rd place.

This is now obsolete since Animal Jam27 broke up with Rookie.


I've just wanna be with you
Holding your flipper
And counting the stars
And seeing the big dipper

We drank the coffee and laughed together
You red shirt makes me smile
Your eyes feels good
For a while

Your agency is great
It protects our home
You did great
It feels like home in our days

We shall marry
And kiss in our delight
We can have a baby in our own
It is so bright

Well we're going to the end of this song
It's not yet but not for new
I've got one more line
I've just wanna be with you


Aunt Arctic wrote in the Club Penguin Times that the song was too cute and made her faint. Also Cadence was disgusted by the word, kiss.

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