Hypir Bola
Hypir Bola, in all his evil glory.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Focci
Faction Alpha Ellipse of the Bola Clan
Health Excellent
Level (-50,-20)
Status EVIL!!!
Location Dorkugese Jungle

Hypir Bola, the evil older brother of Perra Bola, is the king (or alpha ellipse, as we should say) of all the Bola Clan. He is extremely evil, and unlike most other villians, is actually smart. Hypir can calculate integrals, functions, and Cartesian co-ordinates.


Hypir was born in the Bola Clan as a beta ellipse, an focci that was born into royalty, but was not fully mature. Beta focci are probably the most disobedient creatures in Antarctica, and Hypir was no exception. He frequently got into fights with other clan members (which is considered good in the Focci culture). When he and his younger brother Perra Bola matured, Hypir assumed control of the clan. He immediantly kicked Perra, whom he had hated all his life, out of the clan for being "a goodie-goodie". Today, Hypir still tries to get rid of Perra's own clan, the Green Clan (so named for the color of the good focci's fur).


Hypir and his Bola Clan constantly attack, pursue, and assualt tourists who are enjoying the Dorkugese Jungle. They are considered pests by the Dorkugese, and are considered pets by the Jerks.


  • Hypir, for some algebraical reason, cannot bear to be called "Hypir". He commands all his subjects to call him "King Hype the 3^2, With A Few Hundred Integrals, Cosines, And Tangents On The Way". Those who aren't so foolish to laugh at his incredibly long name painstakingly refer to him as King "HIXWAFHICATOTW" (pronounced hicks-waf-ee-cat-ot-wuh).
  • Fred 676 hates Hypir a lot, especially because Hypir boasts to be smarter than Fred. Though that's not true, all the residents of Dorkugal beleive Hypir, and try to give Fred tips on how to keep safe in the Dorkugese Jungle.

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