Abandoned Hungry City
Hungry City image
A two-second keyframe intepretation of the Hungry City Fire.
Hungry City map
A make-up of the original cancellation form by Director Lim, manager of the Hungry and New Hungry City projects.
Vital statistics
Type Deserted Town
Level -2
Location Shabitshittyliciousland, Nothing
Inhabitants Nothing, but haystacks.

The Older Hungry City is the only abandoned city in the state of Shabitshittyliciousland, Nothing. It is only half-completed and burnt down.


The Project

To expend the population of the state of Shabitblahblahland, Shabits ordered four penguins to help the four projects. Director Lim was chosen to manage the Hungry City project. It was supposed to be a cultral food center for everyone to enjoy and eat.

Director Lim wanted many new buildings to be built. He also ordered for a five-story building to be built. That 5-story building will cause a chain of events which will lead to the abolishing of the project.

The Fire

Suddenly, the 5-story building caught on fire on August 11, 2008, on 9:44 AM. Everyone evacuated and no one died. However, the fire spread towards other buildings that it caused much destruction, they had to cancel and abandoned the project and replace it with the New Hungry City project. It eventually became abandoned with no ghosts but only haystACKS.




  • Haystacks.

There are NO ghosts in the town.



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