This tale has been told! It's done!

How To Be A Nerd is the second book in The How-To Series, written by User:SpamZap. It tells how to be a Nerd, obviously.


Are you a Dorkugese wannabe? Wanna be a Geek but don't know how to? Read on.


  1. Buy the clothes. One perfect example is the Astro Barrier T-shirt, or the peasent tunic from the Medevel party.
  2. Act the part. Dressing like a nerd or geek is not enough. You have to act like one, too.
  3. Go to all the schools. Know all the answers in class. Do your homework and alot of Extra-Credit.
  4. Act the way you wanna act. If there's a party going on, and you wanna celebrate, celebrate.
  5. Celebrate Dorkugal Appreciation day. International Dorkugal Apreciation day is May 25th. Decorate your igloo really geeky or nerdy, and throw a party.


  • Glasses help the look a lot.
  • Take pride in your nerdiness.


  • Watch out for Jerks and Fords. They will bully you.

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