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the full urban legend of the Horse-Head was so disturbing that it will have a curse on those penguins if both read out loud and if seeing the actual creature itself. So many parts of the story are left in Club Penguin Island. Only little copies were made and if one was found they will burn it. Only a number of copies

exist. Warning: if you read this story, And that you're a penguin, It's said it if you want to read a copy of it, Read it in your mind. You have been warned.

Horse-Head 1.0-0

"The skies turn blood red

I died

Never seeing life again

You float like a dead horse

Soon I will devour anyone

Stripping of your skin and flesh

Breaking your bones

Chewing of your face off

Nothing but just a corpse

I'm out their

And I will kill you with my Blood curdling screams

Then. Your in Hell"

Horse-Head 2.0

Discovered in the mines, The walls where hard to draw back in the days of the Experimental Penguins but notice that the brown are huts, Blue and orange are benguins and orange and brown is the Horse Head.

Done yet? Good because here's the thing though, There stories and cave paintings that date back to the 16 to 17th century were they actually encountered this creature. The true original story was actually found believe it or not. The story goes that a village that had poor penguins and had little food. Soon they ran out of food and they had to do the most creepy, hard and disturbing choice: They killed their fellow penguin friends and pet puffles and one day, A creature that was so bizarre that they never approached it. They said it was a mix of dark and light brown color and strangely enough, It had a horse head, With have of its mouth being a beak, With big strong teeth, Large head and so on. So when all the penguins became skin and bones they grabbed their weapons and kill it, With spears and homemade weapons. After having the creature all weak, They ran and tear it's limb apart and even its head and other body parts. Soon after that they had a curse and all eventually died. One penguin named Charles Robinson spotted the creature on his igloo in the forest. He tells the story as the following: He was going hunting in the mountains until he saw something moving in the bushes. Then he saw it: As said in the description of the story, Half-Penguin, Half-Horse, But luckily he read the stories but luckily, Again, He did survive. If you're a penguin that lives in Club Penguin Island, Stay off No Penguin's Lands.