Holly Plotter
Vital statistics
Type Book
Effects Reading Addiction (not really)
Source JK Bowling
Location In book stores
Cost to buy 500 pebbles (complete set)
Cost to sell 500 pebbles (complete set)

Holly Plotter is a story written by Joan K. Bowling (JK Bowling for short). It is about a penguin named Holly Plotter, who has a fish shaped scar on her flipper, who goes to a school called Screenhogboils. In Screenhogboils, she learns the arts of magic and becomes the greatest witch ever. She also has to fight the evil snake-penguin called Pengawart, or commonly known as "That guy".


  • Book One: Holly Plotter and the Magician's Rock
  • Book Two: Holly Plotter and the Chamber of Lies
  • Book Three: Holly Plotter and the Cellmate of Owcatraz
  • Book Four: Holly Plotter and the Challace of Water
  • Book Five: Holly Plotter and the Firebird Club
  • Book Six: Holly Plotter and the High Penguin Prince
  • Book Seven: Holly Plotter and the Dark Hallows

Main Characters

  • Holly Plotter (protagonist)
  • Kervioni Rangers
  • Ron Weavilery
  • Professor Umbelcore
  • Serpentus Snake
  • Voldeguin


  • It is a direct parody of the widely popular book Harry Potter.

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